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1.5 Hours from San Jose Del Cabo International Airport (SJD)

Getting to Villa Los Frailes

It is best to fly into San Jose Del Cabo International Airport (SJD) a use a rental car to get to the villa. This allows you to stop for groceries and gives you a vehicle for exploring the area once you get here.

You can find directions easily using the Google Maps link above, but here are basic directions from San Jose Del Cabo International Airport, the most reliable route to Villa Los Frailes is travelling the north route on Highway 1. It’s very hard to get lost. There just aren’t that many options for making a wrong turn.

  1. Head north on Highway 1 from the airport
  2. Turn right at the Los Cuevas/La Ribera intersection where you see the sign for Cabo Pulmo
  3. Follow the road to La Ribera
  4. Just before the main part of town you will turn right at another sign for Cabo Pulmo
  5. The road will change to a dirt road about 20 minutes after turning
    Follow the dirt road through Cabo Pulmo, looking for a sign for a slight right to Los Frailes
  6. Villa Los Frailes is about 4.8 miles past Cabo Pulmo
  7. You will see the sign for Villa Los Frailes on your left
    Enter the driveway through the gate

Driving on the East Cape Road

Throughout Baja, you will encounter free roaming cattle on the roads. There are no road lights and few signs. Because of this, we highly recommend first-timers do not drive after dark.

You will find yourself driving 15 or more miles on a dirt road. Depending on the season and when last graded, the road conditions vary. You can expect some ruts and bumps along the way, but if conditions are normal, most any type of car can make it to the villa. Just take it slow in an economy car or minivan to avoid problems.

Approximate driving time (hours)
Approximate driving time (hours)

Car Rentals in Baja

Mex Rent-a-car provides a 15% discount for villa guests (use “MEXTRIP” promotional code). This is one of the more reputable rental car companies in Baja and should provide a hassle-free experience.

Online sites like Orbitz will show unbelievably low rates for rental cars. These do not include mandatory Mexican insurance, although they say they do. Actual rates are much higher. Mex rent-a-car rates include the Mexican insurance. Additional insurance may be purchased, or you can usually get coverage through your credit card or personal auto insurance policy.

Using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees is best, like the Amex Platinum Card or Chase Business Preferred Card. It is always better to pay in pesos at the agency. You will get an unfavorable exchange rate if they convert it to USD. So be sure to reserve the car in MXN on the web site and pay in MXN at the rental agency.

Gas Station Scams

Attendants are required to pump your gas in Mexico. Unfortunately, many gas stations in Baja are reported to have fraudulent attendants. Our latest trip in 2018 did not present any problems but be cautious when you fill up. We have had no problems at the station in La Ribera. Here are some common scams to watch out for.

Cash slight of hand

When paying in cash, always count out the bills out loud and make sure you know what bills you give them. We have been caught in the past on scams where you hand them a 500 peso bill, and they will flip it around and show you a 50 peso bill, saying that is what you gave them.

Starting the pump with money on it

Make sure the pump is at $0 when they start pumping. Some people have reported attendants starting the pump with some amount of pesos already on the bill.

Declined credit card

Attendant tries to run a credit card, says it was declined, then collects cash. Later, you find the credit card did go through and they have double paid.

It’s unfortunate, and maybe they have cleaned things up, but it is always a good idea to be aware and alert when gassing up in Baja.

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