Baja Mexico Vacation Rental - Villa Los Frailes
4 Bedroom villa for $600 per night - Dinner packages - On-site caretaker - Diving/Fishing Arrangements

Where is Villa Los Frailes?

Villa Los Frailes is located in Los Frailes, on the East Cape of Baja Mexico.  It is a 1.5 hour drive from the San Jose Del Cabo International Airport, and is located 10 minutes south of Cabo Pulmo. 

No crowds, no neighbors

Villa Los Frailes is very secluded.  You may see 8 people walk the beach in front of the house the entire day.  When you turn out the lights, it is pitch dark and completely quiet except for the light of the moon and stars, and the sound of waves from the Sea of Cortez.

This satellite image will give you a good idea just how private the villa is.

East Cape, Baja Mexico Map
Baja Mexico buzzards

Nothing like Cabo San Lucas

If you've never been to Baja Mexico's East Cape region you are in for a special treat, but you must keep in mind that is nothing like the popular vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas. 

Electricity is provided only by solar and generator power sources.  Guests are asked to please take reasonable steps to conserve energy by turning off lights when they are not necessary.

The nearest gas station is located in La Ribera.  It is advisable to fill up your tank before heading out to Los Frailes.


From San Jose Del Cabo International Airport, the most reliable route to Villa Los Frailes is travelling the north route on highway 1.

  • Head north on Hwy 1 from the airport

  • Turn right at the Los Cuevas/La Ribera intersection where you see the sign for Cabo Pulmo

  • Follow the road to La Ribera

  • Just before the main part of town you will turn right at another sign for Cabo Pulmo

  • The road will change to a dirt road about 20 minutes after turning

  • Follow the dirt road through Cabo Pulmo.  You will see Pepe's on your right.

  • Villa Los Frailes is about 4.8 milespast Pepe's

  • You will see the sign for Villa Los Frailes on your left

  • Enter the driveway through the gate

It's very hard to get lost.  There just aren't that many options for making a wrong turn.

Scenes from East Cape Roads

Approximate Travel Times (In hours)


  San Jose del Cabo Cabo San Lucas Todos Santos La Paz Los Frailes
San Jose del Cabo 0 .5 1.5 2.5 1.5
Cabo San Lucas .5 0 1 2 2
Todos Santos 1.5 1 0 1 2.5
La Paz 2.5 2 1 0 2.5
Los Frailes 1.5 2 2.5 2.5 0

Pigs on the East Cape Roads

Road Conditions on the East Cape

Throughout Baja, you will encounter free roaming cattle and livestock on the roads.  There are no road lights and few signs.  Because of this, we highly recommend first-timers do not drive after dark.  You will find yourself driving 15 or more miles on a dirt road.  Depending on the season and when last graded, the road conditions vary.  You can expect some ruts and bumps along the way.

Supplies Available Near Villa Los Frailes

Shopping for food and beverages prior to your arrival is recommended.  The villa has basic spices, flour, sugar, some condiments, basic toiletries and cleaning supplies.  During hot weather it is advisable to bring a cooler, buy ice and pack your perishables for the drive to Los Frailes


 in between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas which is just like the Costco in the US.

Animburo Super Plaza

Just North of San Jose Del Cabo that has a bakery, fresh meat and almost anything that a United States store would have.  If you have arrived at San Jose Del Cabo International Airport, proceed south toward San Jose Del Cabo.  Before entering town, there is a Pemex gasoline station on the left and the supermarket is located in the Plaza, just north and adjacent to the gas station. 


If you have landed in La Paz, the best supermarket in all of Baja is "CCC".  It is located on the main road from the airport to La Paz.

La Ribera Groceries

There are a couple stores in La Ribera, about 25 miles north.  They have more than Cabo Pulmo, but still carry only the basics.

Cabo Pulmo Grocery Store

Groceries in Cabo Pulmo

In Cabo Pulmo there is a tiny grocery store offering the most basic non-perishables, vegetables, fruits, and occasionally fresh dairy products and meats.  There are also a couple of stores in La Ribera, about 25 miles north.  They have more than Cabo Pulmo, but still carry only the basics.  Your main grocery shopping should be done in San Jose Del Cabo before heading out to Los Frailes.


There are restaurants relatively close by.  Here are a few, with the closest listed first.

Nancy's, Cabo Pulmo

Nancy's is run by an American woman and offers delicious meals and full bar service in a casually elegant atmosphere. Enjoy a romantic dinner in her open-air palapa restaurant.  Breakfast, lunch and moderately expensive full course dinners served.  Nancy’s food is average, service good, and is moderately priced.

Tito's, Cabo Pulmo

THE place for a beer in the village. Surprisingly good food is available also.  You have to ask as they have no menus.  Fish and shrimp tacos and chili rellenos to die for.  Other daily specials have all been excellent, too.  Very good food.  Service is laid back, excellent prices.

Tito's Bar, Cabo Pulmo


El Caballero, Cabo Pulmo

Run by local Mexican family serving three meals a day specializing in traditional Mexican food.  It has a lovely comfortable atmosphere with large outdoor patio. Good breakfast spot for huevos rancheros.

Castro's Dive Stand, Cabo Pulmo

A very good taco stand on the beach in Cabo Pulmo.

La Brigedine, La Ribera

French Chef said to be excellent, ask for directions

El Rey II, La Ribera

A mini market at Las Cuevas intersection. They have great tamales to go next to cash register.  We stop every time we pass.  Incredible bargain.

Vianey's, La Ribera

Very good food, good service, reasonably priced

Otra Vez, Los Barriles

Turn right into town, past mini mall and grocery.  Then turn left at the "T", go about .5 miles across from Baja Cellular on left.  Pat and wife Linda, have built a great reputation for good food and service. Enjoy!